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Spoken By Dorma McGruder

​Messages, Prayers, Affirmations guide you to your strongest place ever! 


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Published By Dorma McGruder

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Pull your life to the highest and best place with proven strategies, books, cd's and MORE.


Be the best you have ever been!  I have spent decades helping restore HOPE!  I bring a wealth of continuously updated resources to incorporate into your daily life.  Your answer is here!  Browse, read, listen, click, enjoy, learn and pass the word!  Through personal continued conquering of impossible situations, my greatest lesson is LOVE YOU FIRST!  You then have the courage to meet and overcome any situation because you know you deserve life's best!

Living while Building Your Future

Your words pulled me from depression and just like your book I tried one more time. No suicide,  Instead a new life.  A. Renwith, Washington, D.C.

I lost car, house, job. I listened to your CDs and my life is coming back together because I am doing what you said.  Most of all I have strength and hope.   N. Bergman, LA, CA

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